Volusia’s First Bail Bondsman Dies

by Medina on March 18, 2014 0 Comments

His passing was unexpected as we really dont know what happened. Howard Frank is survived by his wife, Naomi Frank. Raised in a Jewish home in Lower Manhattan where he would later become a trucker, Howard Frank came to Daytona Beach to visit his sister. He liked the beachside town and stayed. And because he could not find work he went into the insurance business and then became a private investigator, where he befriended many people in the judicial system. That led him later to start his own bail bond company in 1969 the only one in Volusia County at the time. He had a very colorful and interesting profession, Scott Frank said. People would just be in awe of his stories of how he chased people across the country and brought back at least 1,000 people to Volusia. Organizations would invite his father to talk about his business ...

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Ez Bail Bonds Expand Services In Brazoria County, Texas

by Medina on March 13, 2014 0 Comments

This allows people to get out of jail without having to sell their possessions or take out a loan. The biggest differences between bail bonds companies will be their level of service, response time, processing fees, and their area of service. EZ Bail Bonds has recently expanded their services to cover Brazoria County, Texas. When a loved one is arrested, stress levels are going to be extremely high for the family members who are trying to post bail. With the mobile service offered by EZ Bail Bonds, the company will do the traveling to reduce stress levels. They work with jails throughout Brazoria County, and they will do everything in their power to make this time less frustrating and stressful for the family. The funds paid to a bail bond agent are non-refundable, so people naturally want to find the most affordable agencies. Not only does EZ Bail Bonds offer ...

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